Quick Connect Golf Cart Accessories
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NevGear products were designed as a solution to cargo needs for recreational golf carts, aka Neighborhood Electric Vehicles.

With the increased use of recreational golf carts these days, we saw a need to be able to add or exchange accessories on vehicles equipped with rear safety grab bars without any tools or modifications.

The Quick Connect Utility Bracket is the primary component in this system to allow just that. Once this is in place, you can swap out our accessories or your own in a matter of seconds. 

While at the Surf Expo a couple of years ago to demonstrate our beach carts to the recreational enthusiasts, we were asked by the paddle board crowd to design a SUP cart that would be capable transporting multiple boards to and from the beach. The SUP crowd spoke and we listened.


Golf Carts aren’t just used on the golf course anymore- Electric Vehicle use has expanded into trips to the beach, the grocery store, visiting neighbors or possibly just a quick cruise around the neighborhood.

Resorts, Retirement Communities, Valet Shuttles, College Campuses, Sporting Events, Residential Communities, Industrial Facilities, Construction Sites, Airports, Farms, Campgrounds, Festivals, Trade Shows and many more are Great Places for NevGear

They offer an environmentally friendly mode of transportation for short distance trips as well as cargo transport and we are committed to making your life easier and to provide choices with this popular mode of transportation.  With NevGear, you now have options in accessorizing  your vehicle for your intended use of the day in a matter of seconds and without tools.

-Manufacturing Standards-

We design our products to last. All of our products are manufactured in the US with marine grade aluminum & stainless steel hardware to handle harsh marine environments. NevGear Cargo Accessories are constructed of thick walled 1” custom extruded aluminum tubing, more than twice the thickness of your typical fishing cart, beach cart or cargo carrier, to provide the strength and durability you want and expect.

We constantly test our products and welcome customer feedback to ensure that we manufacture the most advanced, functional and durable products on the market. Our commitment to this industry makes us your source for durable, lightweight, high quality products guaranteed to provide our customers with years of reliable service.  Compare our products to similar products, if you can find one, to see the difference.

This system requires no drilling or permanent modification to your vehicle and can also be used for multiple vehicles and applications. Fully adjustable vertically, simply mount it to the safety bar and with the addition of the patented V-Lock Universal Mounting System, your accessory choices are only limited by your imagination.

No other accessory system offers so many choices and is so easy to use. We are continually testing and improving our products so designs can and are subject to change. We are also looking for feedback on our products as well as new ideas and applications. If you have an idea or suggestion for a product or an improvement to an existing product, please contact us at bart@nevgear.com