Quick Connect Golf Cart Accessories
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How many boards can the SUP Commander carry?  1-5 is the ideal capacity since the cart will remain stable, as long as it is loaded correctly. 

Will your products rust at the beach?  All of our products are constructed with marine grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware so rust will not be a problem. We do recommend that you rinse your products, especially the wheel bearings and hardware with fresh water for years of reliable use. It is also a good idea to lubricate the wheel bearings and knobs on the bracket to keep them working freely. 

What if I don’t see the Utility Bracket size I need?  Send us an email bart@nevgear.com or call 704.309.6615 and we can customize a bracket for your golf cart.

Can the SUP Commander be used for surfboards or kayaks?  Surfboards are not a problem at all and you can probably put as many as you feel comfortable with due to the strength of the cart. It can be used for kayaks but we recommend only one at a time be used and we strongly recommend securing it tightly to the handle extension so that it does not bounce and cause damage to the handle. 

Can the SUP Commander be pulled with a bike?  We are working on a few designs for this but we have a quick fix that works great until we get it dialed in. Shoot us an email and we’ll tell you how.  

Can the SUP Commander be pulled with a Golf Cart? Absolutely, that is what is was originally designed for. With our Quick Connect Utility Bracket and Quick Connect Hitch, it's a breeze. 

Can I attach other products to the Quick Connect Utility Bracket?  Definitely, you can order blank inserts from our website and add the accessory of your choice (within reason of course)

What is the maximum board width for the SUP Commander? The uprights can be adjusted from 32" to 36" but can also be removed should you have a board wider than that.

What are the dimensions of the SUP Cart? When the cart is folded up, with handle removed, it is approximately 30" tall by 32" wide. With 5' handle installed and ready for your gear, it is roughly 8.5' long by 32" wide.