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Assembly / Tips

The SUP Commander cart was designed for stand up paddle boards to be stacked flat (horizontally) on the cart for balance, stability and weight distribution. It is not recommended that the paddle boards be stacked vertically which could cause excessive loading on individual pieces of the paddle board cart. It could also cause the cart to overturn. 

 Place largest board, fin side up towards pull handle.  Install a rack pad, noodle or pad in this location (A) to keep the handle from bumping into your equipment during transport.

Secure bottom board snug with handle with a cam strap or bungee. (B)  This allows you to have better control of the cart as well as not overloading the handle.

Once all boards are loaded, use cam strap or bungee to secure all boards to cart. The forward strap should be forward of the uprights and below the fin (C) to keep boards from sliding backwards.  The rear strap (D) should be forward of the rear uprights as well. 

Uprights are adjustable but adding a rack pad or swim noodle (not shown in picture) on the uprights (E) will provide a more snug fit to keep the boards from sliding side to side. 

An idea sent to use from a rental company is to install non-skid tape, (F) often used on boats, at the rear of the board to prevent potential damage as a result of the lower boards fin rubbing the board above it.

Paddles and other gear can be placed between the uprights and the boards (G) and secured with the cam straps.

While the SUP Commander is able to be pulled with a golf cart, it is very important that it is not pulled at high speeds or over rough terrain at speed. It is recommended to start with one or two boards to see how the SUP Commander performs with your driving style. The more stand up paddle boards you are transporting, the more top heavy it will be which could cause it to overturn. This is true while pulling by hand as well.

Protect your investment by starting with small loads and increasing as you become more accustomed to how the SUP Commander performs.

Check all connections and lubricate wheels frequently.

Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or improvements.  bart@nevgear.com or 704.309.6615