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 My wife’s comment was priceless, “FINALLY something that WORKS!” 

J. Kilbourne

Wilmington, NC

We really love the SUP Commander. It makes life so much easier, we can run 4 boards at a time (5 if we stack them right!). If you have a rental fleet, this is a must. Very durable, tires are never flat or need to be inflated. Easy to transport in the bed of my truck with all of the boards. Worth the money. JB Boards is a stand up paddleboard manufacturer, guided tour gurus of the low country and all around good time waterman and waterwoman on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  Jason B

I have been buying products from Nevgear since it started out. The owner knows how to make the best board, kayak and boat carrying carts. My business Paddle Diva has two of these carts and they are used every day, continuously as we have a 300 yard walk to a beach from our check in spot. I give Nevgear and it's founder 100% stamp of approval. I have tried just about every cart on the market this one is #1 Gina B

This was our first choice to carry our SUP's and windsurfers to the beach since the SUP Commander is collapsible and can be mounted on a lightweight bike rack outside the car freeing up precious space inside for all our gear. It assembles rather quickly and after loading on our boards, we'll pile on beach chairs and umbrellas, strapping them down with a bungee or two. I'm used to two or three back and forth trips from the car so this has been a big help. If you're lucky enough to be vacationing in a house near the beach, I suppose you can leave all your gear on the cart for the next day's trip to the water. Michael G.

We use it to haul 13.5' kayak and paddle board (both at same time with other necessities) to the water on the back of a golf cart in Ohio. It is awesome. Like others have said, tires are solid rubber and you don't have to worry about punctures or inflating them. Very lightweight but durable. Folds up nicely for winter storage. Also use the hitch/connector to haul garbage cans to the road and back. Very well thought out and engineered. I have no suggestions for improvement. David B. 

I purchased before the SUP Commander was available on Amazon. We use it to haul two kayaks via golf cart down to our community marina. This is about a three mile trip with a real steep hill down to the lake. The SUP commander was exactly what we needed. Great product with logical engineering. I've been using it over a year without any issues. Brian M.

Our SUP Commander is a high quality product that is expertly designed. Its lightweight, aluminum frame and large quality tires allow us to take our boards everywhere. We recommend this product to anyone who likes to get up and go with their boards. Lora B. 

We got the SUP Commander this past year and love it! We have it attached to the back of our golf cart and it makes bringing my wife's paddle boards down to the lake so much easier! Customer support and service is great and shipping was quick too! Paul S.

This is a really cool product and I love it. We have a home in SC and I use the Commander for my Hobie Revolution 13' kayak tethered behind our golf cart. You should see the looks I get when I haul my rig to the dock. The cart is very sturdy. In fact, I store my kayak upside down in our garage and I use the Commander as my kayak rack and then I turn it over, put all my gear inside the hull and off I go. I use bungee cords so that the kayak is stable since the Commander was designed for SUP's, but I have no problems at all with hauling my 85 pound pedal kayak approximately a mile to the water. I tell everyone in the neighborhood how great the product is. Someone recently suggested that I put on a bicycle safety flag so that I won't get run over which is probably a good idea if I go farther than a mile. Joanne R.

This is an amazing cart! Can load it heavy, rolls easy and takes a beating too. I bought 10 to use commercially in a rental setting 2 years ago and there still going strong. Best cart on the market!  Robert B.

Hi Bart!

First of all, WOW!!  The SUP cart works great!   I forgot to take a picture, so next time, I’ll be sure to send one to you!  

Thanks again for a great design!
Ellie B
Delray Beach, FL  

Bart, While I haven’t used it yet, my brother-in-law said it works great.  It carries our two SUPs and 2 person ocean kayak at once.  



“My husband and I, along with our 2 children were coming off the beach at Ocean Lakes Campground in Myrtle Beach when you introduced yourself. You apparently had noticed us struggling to pull our beach cart behind our golf cart and offered us one of your products to demo. We thoroughly enjoyed using NevGear that week. My 12 year old sons arms thank you. My husband and I love the idea and the design. I think it definitely solves a problem and made hauling our cart much easier.”

Thank you,
L Cooper

 Hey Bart–Found your site after HAND lugging everything to the beachthis weekend.  Wife and daughter told me no more!!!  After finding  your site, I bought and installed the safety bar myself. We love the cart. Very well made. I like  all the quick connect  pins. Lots of nice touches in the design.  I added a couple of rod holders and put in a plywood floor.  Pulls great behind the cart.   Thanks again

Mark-   Hunting Island, SC

Thanks Bart, so far so good. We’ve already been asked by people on the beach about it

Dan B.-   Deboirdeau, SC

It was easy to assemble and I loaded it up the second day and went to tthe beach PERFECT! Couldnt be happier  Good Luck with the business

Dick S.-  Virginia Beach


Cart was easy to assemble and works great with my golf cart.  Only suggestion I might make is to have a take on/off bottom insert to help with the transport of beach chairs or smaller items that may fall through.  I am planning on cutting a piece of plywood for this, but would prefer an aluminium bottom.

Drew R

Hello Bart,

I received the nevgear and already love it!!  I’m sure the folks in Lands End, Emerald Isle will be asking me where I got the great gadget and you will getting some more orders soon.

Lynn A

We LOVE the SUP Cart, and will definitely send you plenty of pix, we may even buy
another. It is perfect for our uses. Thank you for making it happen….
Gina B.
Paddle Divas


I wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for introducing your products to me at Bohicket Marina. I installed the UB-8 immediately after you left for my guys to try out for their evening cleanup and trash run. We hooked up one of our dock carts to our passenger golf cart which allowed them to complete this task in 1/2 the time it normally did with one golf cart. We were considering purchasing another golf cart with a utility bed but now we don’t have to. By using your products, my passenger cart can now do double duty as a utility cart as well. Thanks again.”

B. Richardson
Dock Master

Bohicket Marina

 Got my package last week. Put it on cart Saturday and it works great!

Thanks, Dr. Richard G. Panama City Beach FL. 

 We LOVE it, we may even buy another. It is perfect for our uses. Thank you for making it happen.…

Gina B. Paddle Diva

Hampton NY

Got my package last week. Put it on cart Saturday. It is great!


R Gresham, Pensacola FL



Loving the SUP cart!
Nice work.
Marcus T

The SUP Dawg has been a life saver for us.
K. Camplin
Nashville, TN

Bart, I have used the cart and love it. I have made a few changes to it to better accomodate the paddle boards. I made the handle from the cart out to the handle longer. I also padded it. Added some straps to secure the boards. The only other thing I would add to the cart itself would be to make the cart like a box. That way you could put some chairs, towels, and maybe an ice chest in it. 
Thanks again,
Rob W.
Mammoth Kayaks
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Hi Bart.  My 2242 actually arrived yesterday afternoon.  In addition to the shipping speed, I’m impressed with both the build quality and design.  I’ll be sure to send you some pictures of the cart in action.  Your follow-up email is much appreciated…


Mitch L.
N Myrtle Beach, SC