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It all began with a beach cart designed & engineered to take on whatever was thrown at it. That same technology and ruggedness has been duplicated with our Multi-Board SUP Carts. 

We design our products to last. All of our products are manufactured in the US with marine grade aluminum & stainless steel hardware to handle harsh marine environments. NevGear Cargo Accessories are constructed of thick walled 1” custom extruded aluminum tubing, more than twice the thickness of your typical fishing cart, beach cart or cargo carrier, to provide the strength and durability you should expect.

We continually test our products and welcome customer feedback to ensure that we manufacture the most advanced, functional and durable products on the market.

Our commitment to this industry makes us your source for durable, lightweight, high quality products guaranteed to provide our customers with years of reliable service.  Compare our cargo products to similar products, if you can find one,  to see the difference.